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Unfamiliar covid-19 variants discovered in Czech

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The covid situation in the Czech Republic is still not quite under control. Lately, the most common mutation of the virus in Czech is the Delta variant. Over the last 14 days, in 95% cases of positive tests, the patients were diagnosed with the covid-19 Delta variant. On the other hand, the Alpha variant has been identified in less than 2% of positive samples. The laboratory workers at the State Health Department at the University Hospital of Královské Vinohrady in Prague encountered some unknown specimen of the covid-19 disease. The World Health Organization is a specialized association of the United Nations which keeps track of all the covid-19 virus variants and updates covid facilities all over the world. Czech scientists have recently come across 8 samples of the virus that are not equivalent to any of the covid variants that are already registered by WHO. On top of that, the unusual samples were collected from different laboratories across the Czech Republic. Therefore, there might be a possibility that these 8 Czech samples could be new mutations of covid-19. Whether these specimen are indeed unidentified forms of covid virus should be determined within two weeks, after the experts perform thorough examinations.

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