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Czech Republic Lags in COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations

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The Czech Republic is falling behind in its vaccination efforts, both for COVID-19 and the flu. This year, just over 33,000 people have received COVID-19 vaccinations, and the situation is even worse for the flu, especially among those at risk. There is a looming concern that both diseases will resurge in the near future.

While the number of COVID-19 cases has seen a slight increase in early September, it hasn’t spiked dramatically. In the first week after the holidays, there were 897 reported infections, compared to 469 seven days prior. However, this is expected as people return from holidays, autumn sets in, and social gatherings resume, as explained by Chief Hygienist Pavla Svrčinová.

Despite this, the Health Ministry doesn’t anticipate reinstating protective measures. Minister Vlastimil Válek rules out the possibility of compulsory isolation or quarantine returning. However, he emphasizes the importance of monitoring the situation, as COVID-19 continues to pose a threat, especially to individuals with comorbidities or advanced age.

Since the beginning of the year, 651 people have succumbed to COVID-19, and experts stress that vaccination remains the best defense against severe illness.

Roman Chlíbek, Chairman of the Czech Vaccinological Society of the Czech Academy of Sciences, recommends getting a single dose of an adapted vaccine, designed to combat the evolving strains of COVID-19 that may emerge in the autumn.

During the fall, the Czech Republic expects to receive over half a million doses of the latest vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer, aimed at protecting against the new omicron variant. Additionally, another 200,000 doses of the Novavax vaccine are expected by year-end.

The Ministry of Health generally recommends vaccination for everyone, with special emphasis on those over 50, individuals with weakened immune systems, serious illnesses, and pregnant women.

However, vaccination rates for both COVID-19 and the flu are relatively low in the Czech Republic compared to other developed European nations. While four-fifths of the population in countries like Malta, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Denmark are vaccinated against COVID-19, only two-thirds have been vaccinated in the Czech Republic.

Low vaccination interest is a concern shared by experts, especially given the threat posed by both COVID-19 and influenza to vulnerable populations. In the Czech Republic, just 25 percent of people over 65 get the flu vaccine, lagging behind Western European countries where at least two-thirds of the elderly are vaccinated annually.

Despite this, there is a slight uptick in people getting vaccinated against the flu, particularly among those over 65. This trend is reflected in data from insurance companies, indicating an increase in the number of individuals receiving vaccination reimbursement.

People can obtain vaccinations against both COVID-19 and the flu from their general practitioners, and COVID-19 vaccinations can still be arranged via the Central Booking System. The Czech Republic is expecting the arrival of the latest vaccines in the coming weeks.



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