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Warm and Sunny Weekend Up to 37 °C Forecasted for the Czech Republic

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The upcoming weekend in the Czech Republic promises mostly sunny and hot weather. On Saturday, temperatures are expected to soar, potentially reaching up to 37 degrees Celsius, especially in Bohemia. Sunday will remain warm, with highs around 35 degrees. However, there may be showers or thunderstorms in certain areas, primarily towards the end of the weekend. These forecasts have been provided by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

In the morning, many regions may still experience cloud cover, accompanied by occasional rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. However, meteorologists assure that clouds and precipitation will gradually diminish from the west, leading to a sunny evening across the entire country. Today’s temperatures are expected to be relatively mild, with highs ranging between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Friday will begin with clear to partly cloudy skies, gradually increasing cloud coverage throughout the day. There is a chance of isolated showers, particularly in mountainous areas. High temperatures will hover in the tropical range, with readings expected to reach around 31 degrees Celsius. However, slightly cooler conditions can be anticipated in the eastern and northeastern regions, with temperatures around 26 degrees.

Saturday will bring a scorching summer day, marked by predominantly clear to partly cloudy skies. Daytime temperatures will range from 29 to 34 degrees Celsius, with Bohemia experiencing even hotter conditions, reaching up to 37 degrees. Sunday is projected to follow a similar pattern initially, although temperatures in the northwestern part of Bohemia will be slightly cooler at around 27 degrees. However, as the day progresses, cloud cover will increase, accompanied by rain showers, thunderstorms, and a temporary surge in wind speed. Otherwise, the weekend is expected to have light winds.

The beginning of the following week is anticipated to maintain warm weather, with temperatures continuing to reach the upper 30s. While isolated showers or thunderstorms cannot be ruled out, overall skies should remain fairly clear.

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