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New oncology centre in Prague

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Right after cardiovascular diseases, cancer is the second most common cause of deaths in the Czech Republic. Annually, there are over 87 000 patients diagnosed with malignant tumours and in nearly 27 000 cases, the illness ends in death. Lung, skin, breast and rectal tumours are the most frequent types of cancer in Czechia. Simply put, the number of deaths from oncological diseases is higher than the average in the European Union. The Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute is arguably the best specialized oncology centre with superregional competence with two quality certificates. However, it is situated in Brno. According to oncology expert, Jan Žaloudík, Prague and the Central Bohemian Region are in need of a new oncology centre. His opinion seems to resonate with others, as a new Czech Oncology Institute is set be located within the premises of the University Hospital of Royal Vinohrady. The plan is that the institute should also focus on the prevention of cancer and help prevent the patients from developing further malignant tumors. This brand new project is estimated to cost approximately 7 billion Czech crowns. A problem that might go in hand with constructing such a complex oncological hospital is a lack of personnel. The institute will surely be in need of numerous specialized doctors, surgeons, nurses and other staff. Therefore, regular hospitals might experience a lack of oncological medical staff.

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