The European Parliament has approved the creation of the EU Space Program (EUSPA) whose agency will be headquartered in Prague. The goal of the project, which will run a budget of EUR 14.8 billion, will be the construction of a series of satellite systems that will provide data and services to public and private sectors. It will be an expansion of the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GNSS) which has its headquarters in Holešovice and has been managing the EU’s Galileo satellite system for the past 9 years. Ondřej Šváb, Head of the Department of Space Technologies and Applications at the Ministry of Transport said the approval of the project was an “opportunity for Czech companies, innovators and researchContinue Reading

A unique 3D hospital project supported by the CzDA for healthcare provision primarily in the developing world. A unique project from the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices – a virtual 3D hospital – was presented at the end of March with the participation of representatives of member companies, involved ministries and other state institutions, including a representative of the Czech Development Agency. The Capacity Building project from the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices, aimed at involving member companies in development cooperation, was supported by a grant from the Czech Development Agency. The objective of the CzDA project is to strengthen the capacities of non-state platforms for development cooperation. The Association of Manufacturers and SuppliersContinue Reading