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Schwarzenberg says EU “shouldn’t tolerate” Czech Republic’s migrant policies

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Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, former foreign minister and chancellor under Vaclav Havel, has come out and said that Central European states’ unwillingness to go along with EU migration quotas is “unfair and inhumane.”

In an interview with Belgian newspaper New Europe, Schwarzenberg said that when it comes to accepting migrants, “the Czech Republic should behave like a normal EU country.”

“But, unfortunately, Babis, Orban and (Mateusz) Morawiecki (Poland’s Prime Minister) are very successful amongst the voters with their populist migration policy”

Schwarzenberg, the current head of the House Of Schwarzenberg dynasty, is also disappointed in Austrian president Sebastien Kurz’s decision to quit accepting more migrants.

“Unfortunately, the Austrian government has also decided to share the view of the Visegrad countries… Of course, we have to work to ensure that these people can stay in their countries. But the EU’s policy of making the refugee issue the sole problem of Greece and Italy isolates the others from the problem is not fair and also inhumane.”

When asked if EU states should be denied subsidies when they don’t cooperate with EU policy, the prince said, “…I can very well imagine targeted measures against the economic interests of billionaires – like Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis or Hungary’ Orban, and their friends, who all quickly became rich. I would be very much in favor of that.

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