A Czech tourist has passed away after a 40m drop in the Alps. The 59 year old went climbing with her husband and friends in the Salzburg state. She was apparently catching up to her husband in a steep part of their climb by picking an alternative route which did not have all the necessary safety features. After her group started looking for her, they found her body lifeless metres below. She was taken from the mountain via helicopter, but no one could help her anymore. This story serves as a reminder that not all mountains are like Sněžka and some can be very challenging to climb, even for experienced mountain climbers. The right preparation, gear and approach is vital.Continue Reading

It seems that the diplomatic aftermath of the ‘Vrbětice scandal’ is far from over. In April, the Czech government has officially presented its findings regarding the explosion of the munitions depot in Vrbětice, a small village near Zlín. This happened in 2014, claimed the lives of 2 Czech citizens and has since cost over 650 million crowns to clean up. The Czech government has presented evidence of this explosion being caused by the GRU, a division of the Russian special forces often connected to other recent scandals all over Europe. While both governments have already reacted to this by expelling some of their respective diplomats (with some allied countries joining in in solidarity), it seems as though a second waveContinue Reading

The Czech Chamber of Deputies have approved a constitutional amendment that explicitly gives citizens the right to use firearms when necessary to protect one’s life. The proposal, first submitted by Martin Červíček (ODS) last year, is based on cementing the right to self-protection, which he says is the most basic human right. “The change thus proposes an explicit right to protection of life, and it stipulates that it may be with weapons.” “Given the importance of the right to life, which is the most fundamental right, the proposal considers it appropriate to symbolically raise this right to the constitutional level,” the memorandum reads. The Senate has decided that the country’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms should have a provisionContinue Reading