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Charity update: Over 44,000 Crowns raised in three days!

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The Prague Monitor joined forces with American Football Team Prague Lions to say thank you to those on the front lines of our epidemic battle. The article in Monday’s newspaper outlined our mission.

For those not wanting to click through: We are joining the #supportyourlocal campaign to raise money, order a tower of yummy food, and deliver it to our front line workers at hospitals and medical facilities, so they can see and feel some appreciation from us common folk.

This week’s campaign targeted a big THANK YOU! Lunch for Friday, March 12th at Motol Hospital.  We have raised 19,000 Crowns out of the targeted 32,500Crowns (The difference was requested by donors to be spread throughout the three-week campaign) so far.

Thus, we have already confirmed an order for 50 Pizzas and 50 Gyros from:

Fresh Point pizza – nám. Svobody 728/1, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč⁣

Fresh Greek – Terronská 873/3, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč

And that does not include the extra portion purchases by customers. Yes, one can go to either of these restaurants, pick up a take-out order, and add a portion or two to #supportyourlocal. The prepaid portions get added to the delivery on Friday!

We are well over half-way to the Friday goal and have a great start for next week’s campaign. This is the last-day reminder before we start next week’s campaign. We are happy for 10 Crowns, 100 Crowns or 1000 Crowns – all based on your desire to say thank you!

Here is the account number as well as the link to view the transactions on the account both in raising money and spending it!

2301891520/2010 Here is the link:

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