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Flooded German cars for sale

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It is very likely that cars that were flooded during the natural disaster in Germany will start appearing in European car markets, including the Czech one. These cars may be disguised as undamaged used cars by shady sellers, but they will almost definitely need significant repairs. Many may be bought by unsuspecting customers in a state which will be life-threatening. Thus, many car dealerships warn about purchasing a car from unconventional sources such as online auction halls or social media marketplaces at this time. Since about 120 000 foreign cars arrive to the Czech Republic each year, it is unlikely that at least some of them will not be from the flood-stricken regions in Germany, which is responsible for most of this import. These cars will be damaged, especially their electronic circuits which will be likely to fail and any metals unprotected from corrosion, which can take place much faster in vehicles damaged by water. If a buyers still insists on buying a car from an unverified source, experts at least advise them to check the car’s interior for an signs of mud, especially in crevices which might be forgotten during a hasty clean-up by a malevolent seller. Mud behind door insulations or under the dashboard can be a sign that the car has been flooded and its price has thus plummeted.

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