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Czech diplomats evacuated from Afghanistan

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The Taliban has by now conquered over 20 Afghan provincial capitals out of 34 in total. At last, the Czech authorities decided to intervene. On Saturday, August 14th, the Czech Security Council said that all employees of the Czech Embassy in Afghanistan are to be evacuated to the Czech Republic. Locals working at the Czech embassy and especially army interpreters were to be also supported by the Czech government in relocating to Czechia. Interpreters and their families were the ones most at risk, as they have been repeatedly threatened with death by the Islamic Taliban movement. The relocation process was planned to take place in the following couple of days. However, the Czech government did not expect the crisis to escalate so rapidly. On Sunday, 15th of August, the Afghan president Ghaní fled the country and headed to Tajikistan for safety since Taliban has finally entered the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Because of such complications, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not evacuate all of the Czech Embassy employees in time. Thus, many Czech diplomats are still in danger in Kabul as well as several Afghan citizens, who willingly collaborated with the Czech government in the past, but at this time have been unfortunately denied asylum in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, The European Union would like to readjust the rules of providing asylum for refugees due to the heating situation in the Middle East. They would like to provide shelter and help to more Afghan families.

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