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Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the European Union

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Less than a year remains until Czechia takes the reigns of the Council of the European union. This is a rare opportunity to focus on topics important to the Czechs, that takes place once every 14 years. All EU countries take turns at their Presidency in the Council, each for 6 months. However, this presidency, our second ever, will be special due to its potential effect on the elections this fall. Each major Czech political party has different ideas about how this opportunity should be utilized, so for some voters who are on the ropes about their choice, the party’s presidency plan could be the deciding factor. While individual parties can not choose what the EU themes will be for those 6 months, the government of the presiding country can prioritize them, which can still have a great impact on European politics. While they usually disagree, many Czech politicians agree that the Czech presidency in the Council of the European Union will be a huge challenge, but equally a huge opportunity.

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