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More people fly from Prague

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This July, the Václav Havel International Airport in Prague allowed 605 000 passengers to reach their desired destinations. Compared to July 2020, it is 140% more passengers that got to meet their families, reach their jobs, or just explore the world thanks to the complex in Ruzyně. Still, it is just a third of the traffic the airport was used to before the pandemic. Some are still too afraid of the disease to spend hours in the confined space of the plane, others don’t have the economic means for plane travel after losing their jobs, and others just cannot be bothered with the staggering amount of bureaucracy connected to attempting to travel anywhere these days. Planes carried passengers most frequently to Greece, Italy and Spain. The single most popular destination for Czech flyers was the Bulgarian airport Burgas, located on the west coast of the Black Sea. According to the management of the airport, these figures were pleasantly surprising, as the number of serviced passengers outgrew their predictions. According to Jaroslav Filip, the director of Air Trade at the airport, this confirms that people are starting to return to their old ways, and are becoming keen to fly again. Considering the fact that 7012 flights landed or departed from the airport within just one month, his assumption does not seem too farfetched.

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