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Czech tourists injured during a bus accident

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Czech citizens were returning from their vacation in Italy, organized by the Czech tour company Čedok. Unfortunately, the last hours of their trip were disturbed by some unexpected events. On Saturday morning around 6:30am, August 21st, as the bus was exiting the highway in Lower Bavaria District in Germany, it suddenly overturned and crashed by the side of the road. Despite some speculations that the 57 years old Czech man, who was the driver of the bus, had gone into microsleep, the exact cause of the accident is still to be determined. The German police are certain that no other vehicles were a part of the accident. Nevertheless, the investigation is not yet concluded. The bus had 36 passengers on board, 34 of them were of Czech nationality. 14 Czechs were wounded during the crash and 4 of them were seriously injured. The Czech consulate in Munich was fortunately ready to provide immediate help. Travelers that were not harmed in any way were returned safely to the Czech Republic by another bus just hours later. Most of the injured tourists also returned home on the same day, except one, who stayed in a German hospital overnight. The damage is estimated at 2,6 million Czech crowns.

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