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Lack of medical personnel

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In the past, the Czech Republic has been fighting with the shortage of medics over and over again. In the near future, Czech might be facing a serious lack of general nurses once again. The analysis results, provided by several Czech universities, show that there are many young students interested in following a path of becoming a nurse, however, the problem is that many universities have a limited number of students they are able to accept. According to research, it seems that way more students would like to choose the career of a nurse than before the covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, nursing schools all over the country report an excessive number of this year’s applicants. Thus, the Ministry of Health is planning to increase the overall number of students that will be allowed to study the mentioned profession. The schools in general requested the ministry to double the capacities, so they can enroll twice the number of students every year. With this in mind, a handful of politicians agree that other arrangements will also have to be made. For instance, the average salary of general nurses might have to be raised and also the working conditions could definitely use some improvement in order to keep the profession an attractive option for many.

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