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Fastest creature in the world in Southern Bohemia

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The Peregrine Falcon is commonly accepted to be the fastest creature in the world, as it is able to reach the mind-boggling speeds of 300-350 kilometres per hour as it dives through the air to catch its prey. At this speed, these predators often kill their unsuspecting victims purely with the force of the impact. Evolution perfected their bodies for this purpose, as the crow-sized birds are able to fold their sharp-tipped wings and arrow-shaped tail into a shape aerodynamic enough to allow them to reach speeds that many cars do not even come close to. These majestic creatures are so dominant at their craft, that they managed to spread to every continent except Antarctica. However, they have recently been negatively affected by the activity of mankind, specifically by the use of the DDT compound. This compound, used excessively during the first half of the 20th century, seemed to be a miraculous solution for getting rid of unwanted insects on agricultural land. However, as this pesticide got sprayed in many habitats across the world, it infiltrated the food chains of many animals. Thus, the compound even got into the bodies of Peregrine Falcon. DDT then almost eradicated these majestic avians, as it hindered their ability to reproduce. Luckily, the negative effects of DDT were recognized just in time, and now the falcons are even back in Czech Republic. The Šumava National Park in Southern Bohemia reports that in 2018, just within it, there were 18 new falcons, which hatched in 8 nests. This is a big success for any bird lovers in the Czech Republic.

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