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Olympics – “It felt like a Czech championship”

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Silver and Gold. It was a dream come true for two Czechs sport shooters, who have competed in Men’s trap for a long time. These two friends, connected by their passion for the sport, always dreamed of sharing a podium together in a big event. And what better event to do it in that the Olympics. This moment was even improved by the fact that the competition has a new system. During the final round, the shooter who hit the least targets during a given amount of opportunities has to step out of the competition, so in the end, all the other competitors had to take a step back and watch the two Czechs take their competition to a final shoot-off. This moment only confirmed the dominance of Czech sport shooters in Czech trap. The Czechs have scored a gold medal in Men’s trap in 3 of the last 9 Olympics. According to Josef Machát, the coach of the now Olympic gold medalist Jiří Lipták, it is a story like from a fairytale. He has known Lipták since he was a teenager and now the 39 year old showed the world that no one comes close to the Czechs when it comes to his sport. Furthermore, during the medal ceremony, a delay was caused as the organizers struggled to find a second Czech flag to fly up the posts during as the anthem played. Luckily they did manage to find one in the end and our athletes got to celebrate in style.

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