Prague, Czech Republic, 1 February 2022 – FESTKA, the Czech manufacturer of high-end carbon bike frames, saw a further increase of demand in 2021. One of the marketing tools driving this success are the company’s popular social media profiles. Instagram in particular where Festka not only presents its products but also gives its followers a chance to look behind the scenes, learn about its international re-sellers and meet its ambassadors. Second year running, Festka published in the last ten days of 2021 a TOP 10 of its Instagram posts of the year to date based on the public’s response. Take a look at the ten most popular Festkas with comments from the brand’s co-founder Michael Moureček.

Cycling has taken off in popularity over the past few years and the sport has drawn both viewers and users into the circuit. Tipsport’s promotional code is available for viewers, to get a great bonus from one of the most famous and used bookmakers in the Czech Republic! For the users, the following bicycles are a step above the competition!


Festka Scout was launched in 2021 as our second gravel model. This build for a Czech female cyclist who lives in Switzerland shows it in the Mummy design scheme. It is the second Festka for this keen sportswoman who rides one of her bikes every day.


Festka Scout was designed with rougher terrains and bikepacking in mind. This particular build is special due to its seldom seen groupset – a hydraulic operated system from the Spanish manufacturer Rotor.

#8 – SCALATORE SPIRIT 3 (2021)

Scalatore is our best-selling model. Shown here in one of the Spirit design schemes it proves that there is, indeed, beauty in simplicity.


This bicycle may look fairly inconspicuous, but first impressions may be deceiving. You would be hard pushed to put together a finer collection of bike components. The price tag reflects that.

#6 – Pepovo kolo (Pep’s bike)

A labour of love bike belonging to one of Festka’s longest serving employees – the frame builder Josef Kabeš. A weight weenie extraordinaire, he went to great lengths to make his bike as light as possible. The bike is full of special details including a handmade saddle and handlebar/stem combo. 

#5 – Doppler Spirit 4 (2021)

Festka Doppler marries two materials in a unique way – carbon and titanium. The carbon parts of this frame are painted in the Chameleon Eclipse paint which does exactly what it says on the can. The resulting look is striking and elegant at the same time.

#4 – SCOUT Ondrash & Kasparek

You won’t find many gravel bikes in such elaborate design schemes. This Festka Scout has taken a dip in the colour tanks of the artistic tandem Ondrash & Kašpárek.

#3 – Doppler inspired by Felipe Pantone

Another Doppler, this time a very special custom design created for one of our US dealers. Taking inspiration from the work of the Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone it combines two decorative techniques – painting and anodization. A very unique piece.

#2 – Rover Antti by Festka

The Rover, launched over three years ago, was our first gravel model. This special design scheme based on the livery of Rally Group B 1986 Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 was made for a Finnish client who created the whole concept himself, including several witty redesigns of the original sponsors’ logos.

#1 – Scalatore Ondrash & Kasparek

Our most popular bike on Instagram in 2021 was the product of a colab with the artist duo Ondrash & Kašpárek who applied their unique paint dipping technique to not only the frame but the fork, saddle and stem, too. We selected a rim brake frame for the project believing it will suit the design better than the currently ubiquitous discs.

About Festka 

Festka is a Czech technology company that specializes in the custom production of road bikes and frames of the highest quality. The company‘s headquarters and production facility are located in the center of Prague, Czech Republic. Its clients include many interesting people – Hollywood celebrities, people from big business, as well as those who discovered cycling later in life as their preferred form or exercise and want (and can afford) to ride an exceptional bike. Festka is renowned for its cooperation with top notch institutions such as the European Space Agency and the Czech Technical University. The firm was founded by former pro cyclist Michael Moureček and his entrepreneur friend Ondřej Novotný. From the very beginning, the creative side of things has been the work of Tomáš Hnida. Approximately 90% of the frames and full builds that leave Festka‘s production facility are exported, with 80% of production going to customers outside the EU – Asia (China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines), USA, and Australia.



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