The Ice cream festival is one of the gems of Prague life & its culture! Usually, it takes place in the last week of August, symbolizing the last weekend of hot summer and the beginning of the beautiful and colorful autumn season. Discover the chilliest fest this week with us! Czech this out As you might guess from the name, the Ice Cream festival is devoted to people who love this chilly refreshment on a hot summer day. Interestingly, the fest has been in operation since 2015, and, so far, it is the largest festival of its kind in Central Europe!  We are so proud of the organizers and their success over the past six years: plenty of healthy andContinue Reading

The 47th annual rendition of the agricultural fair Země živitelka, loosely translated – Earth, the provider, has started in České Budějovice. After 2 years of absence, the biggest celebration of agriculture in the Czech Republic is back, and the whole event started with the reveal of the newly modernized pavilion Národní pavilion Z. This building cost the Exhibition Grounds of České Budějovice more than 135 million crowns, so it was only right to reveal it at the start of the Země živitelka fair, according to the chairman of the board of the company, Martin Karban. Guests are welcome to come enjoy the fair by inspecting farm equipment, sampling farm produce, or exploring agricultural life through conversations with farmers. Visitors onlyContinue Reading

As we all know, each dose of covid-19 vaccine has an expiration date, after which it cannot be used on patients anymore. Because of that, many substances that can prevent people from catching the virus end up untouched in the disposal of medical centers. Since doctors could no longer stand by just watching so many vaccines go to waste, they came up with an idea that helps utilize as many vaccine doses as possible. They created a project called Save the vaccines. These medics offer over 2 500 doses that are nearing their expiration date and that can be given straight away to anyone who wants. Plenty of Czech medics from all over the country upload to a website howContinue Reading

Recently, there has been more and more complaints from the post-worker unions. Now, the situation has reached a boiling point, as the workers have a 3-day strike planned from September 29th to October 1st, and are planning to start collecting signatures for a petition. According to Filip Janovský, Chairman of the Independent Trade Union of the Czech Post, the main concerns are overloading few employees with too much work, management ignoring safety rules and the constant decline in the quality of services provided by the company, which leads to public ridicule. Many politicians also agree with this. According to the PM Andrej Babiš, the company is not competitive enough on the market, as its ordinary workers have low wages whileContinue Reading

Despite the efforts of the EU, including various border protection programmes, some illegal migrants still manage to get into European countries without the proper paperwork. They usually aim to end their journey in wealthy big countries, such as France, Italy or Germany.  Many pay to be smuggled on trucks, many of which pass through the Czech Republic, due to its geographic location in the heart of Europe. On Tuesday, one Algerian migrant fell out of one such Truck, that was driving along on the D1 highway. Luckily, he managed to bounce off to the side of the road before he got hit by other vehicles, so he only suffered minor injuries. The 22 year old was reportedly heading to Italy.Continue Reading

The acquisition of the entertainment company JRC, which focuses on the sale of video-games, electronics and related memorabilia, is over. The company now officially belongs under the Smarty group, which also owns the e-shop, which sells electronics, and the authorized Apple Reseller iWant. The company JRC struggled a lot during the pandemic, as it lost a lot of money despite the fact that the gaming industry grew three-fold. To the former owner, Michal Šnobr, this marked the end of selling physical copies of games in physical shops, and he decided to pass the brand onto someone else. The Smarty group, conscious of the fact that selling games on CD’s will not make a profit anymore, has new big plansContinue Reading

The police task force of Hradec Králové arrested three foreign men suspected of several thefts. They are accused of stealing from camping tents, vehicles and cabins at numerous camping sites, recreational places and festivals all over the Czech republic. Their main objective was usually jewelry, money and electronic devices. Although the investigation is currently still in full swing, it has been confirmed that these three men are guilty of at least 25 theft crimes. Some of the thefts are even reopened cases that happened last summer. The investigators inform that these men tend to operate at night. They sneak up on the tourists and quietly take away their belongings. One night, while a man was sleeping in his tent, theyContinue Reading

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German President, arrived for a state visit to Prague on Wednesday. Before his train left from Berlin, he acknowledged that Czechs and Germans were not always the nicest of neighbours to each other, but that he still looks forward to the visit. To accompany him during his train ride, he invited people who ‘pendle’ (travel back and forth) form one country to the other on a daily basis, and discussed the pandemic with them. In Prague, he was welcomed by employees of the Czech President’s office in the Prague Castle, and the Prague Castle Guard, which prepared a red carpet for the German politician. Before the welcoming party left the Main Train Station in Prague, they madeContinue Reading

If you prefer to pay in stores by swiping the magnetic strip of your bank card through the machine, you will probably have to find a new way to pay pretty soon. One of the main producers of credit and debit cards, Mastercard, is planning to completely stop adding magnetic strips to their cards in the next 10 years. According to the company, the main reason for this is the fact that magnetic strips were added to cards as the first prototype of a faster way to pay. Now, there are the much more secure contactless payments through a microchip, which are harder to abuse or tamper with. Thus, the company views the swiping of a card as an obsoleteContinue Reading