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Climate Activists Blocked Car Traffic on 20 Major Roads in Berlin

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Members of the Letzte Generation (Last Generation) climate movement have established more than 20 roadblocks at busy intersections and thoroughfares throughout Berlin today. A contingent of 500 police officers is prepared for action. Authorities have appealed to motorists to remain patient and cautioned against engaging with the demonstrators.

Following a summer hiatus, activists in the German capital have resumed traffic blockades to exert pressure on the government and the public, urging swift action to phase out internal combustion engines and enhance environmental protection efforts. On Sunday, movement members covered the pillars of the iconic Brandenburg Gate with red and orange paint, making a bold statement.

Today’s protests include blockades at key locations, such as the major roundabout near the Victory Column, close to the Brandenburg Gate. Demonstrators have also disrupted traffic on primary routes leading in and out of the city center. Notably, traffic has come to a halt near the former Tempelhof airport, where a road connects to the city’s A100 motorway.

“Currently, there are 21 blockades across the city. At some intersections, police have successfully thwarted the actions, while at others, protesters have managed to obstruct the roads,” reported the police this morning regarding the tactics employed by activists. Authorities have deployed 500 officers for today’s operation against the demonstrators. They also issued a message on the social network X, urging the public to remain calm and avoid individual intervention.



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