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Romanian Ship Hits a Naval Mine in the Black Sea

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A Romanian ship encountered a naval mine in the Black Sea, prompting the Romanian Maritime Rescue Agency (MRCC) to conduct aRomanian ship hits naval mine in Black Sea, rescue operation, as reported by CNN. The explosion caused by the mine has not been officially confirmed by Romanian authorities.

The MRCC managed to rescue all 12 crew members aboard the vessel named Seama, which was registered under the flag of Togo, a West African state. The rescued crew members received medical attention and were transported to the port of Sulia, near Ukraine.

The crew initially reported the mine strike, which was believed to have occurred approximately 40 kilometers off the coastline. However, Romanian authorities have not disclosed the cause of the explosion, according to CNN.

Fleetmon, a service that tracks ships and provides maritime news, reported that the ship’s crew issued a distress signal around 06:50 local time on Wednesday. The ship’s tracking device last transmitted its position at 5 a.m. local time. While photographs suggest that the vessel has not sunk, it is reportedly taking on water, increasing the likelihood of sinking beneath the surface.

The Seama had been scheduled to depart from a Turkish port on September 12, with its destination set for the Ukrainian port of Izmail. Izmail is a key hub for the export of Ukrainian grain and other products and has been a frequent target of Russian attacks.

In recent weeks, debris from three Russian drones, suspected of targeting the Ukrainian port of Izmail, have fallen onto Romanian territory. Authorities in the Romanian city of Galati issued warnings to residents about the drone debris, advising them to seek shelter in cellars or bunkers during such incidents. The Romanian air force identified the drone debris scattered over a wide area in the Tulcea region, across the river from the Ukrainian city of Izmail, where Russian drone strikes have previously damaged port infrastructure.



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