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Russian Withdrawal from the Ukrainian Grain Deal Holds the Export Hostage

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Following Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal, which had previously facilitated safe Ukrainian grain exports from Black Sea ports despite the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov reported a substantial decline in grain exports. He stated that Ukrainian grain exports had plummeted by nearly three million tonnes per month.

The situation has worsened due to Russian attacks targeting Ukrainian ports. Since July 18, more than 100 port facilities have suffered damage or partial destruction as a result of these attacks. Kubrakov took to Facebook to share this information, emphasizing the dire consequences. He particularly highlighted the impact on grain exports to Asia, Africa, and Europe, which have seen a sharp reduction.

Of particular concern are the Danube ports, which have become frequent targets of Russian attacks. Kubrakov called upon Ukraine’s allies to provide effective air defenses for these crucial export hubs. He also issued a warning about the ripple effects, especially for countries reliant on food imports from Ukraine.

In a distressing development, Russian drones, believed to be of Iranian design, launched an overnight attack on the Danube ports. Ukrainian authorities reported seven individuals injured, with two in serious condition, as a result of the airstrike. Nearby Romanian authorities in Galatsi alerted residents to the impending danger and urged them to seek shelter in cellars or shelters. There were reports of drone debris found on Romanian territory, marking the third such incident in recent days. Additionally, Russia conducted drone attacks on the Odessa and Sumy regions, with a significant portion of the attacking drones being successfully intercepted by the Ukrainian Air Force.


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