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Czech Republic Approved Adoption of Electronic ID

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Instead of relying on physical ID cards, individuals will soon have the option to present digital documents to verify their identity. This proposal, announced by Regional Development Minister Ivan Bartos (Pitáti) on Wednesday, has received government approval.

Under the forthcoming amendment to the law on digital services, citizens will have the opportunity to use electronic documents in various scenarios. As part of this digital transition, individuals will also be permitted to employ a digital version of their ID card to confirm their identity when dealing with authorities. Minister Bartoš shared this upcoming change during a press conference held at the Straka Academy.

For instance, people will have the option to authenticate themselves at locations like post offices or in interactions with law enforcement officers. Bartoš emphasized that the utilization of digital documents will be voluntary, allowing citizens to choose between physical and digital cards at their discretion.

To facilitate this process, individuals will use a mobile app that contains the necessary information, eliminating the need for physical documents. The expected implementation of this change is set for January 2024. The bill will undergo further review in the House of Representatives before reaching the desks of senators and the president.

Importantly, the new digital ID cards will continue to include birth numbers. Despite earlier considerations by the Ministry of Regional Development to replace birth numbers with non-readable identifiers, it was found through surveys that most people are comfortable with retaining birth numbers on their ID cards.


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