Before the new academic year managed to start, the Czech School Inspection released a report, focusing on the last year. That year of education was considerably affected by the pandemic, which forced students in and out of schools, while many of their families were also destabilized by the crisis. This shows in their results, as tens of thousands of students seem to have such problems with the material they were supposed to learn last year, that it will take more than a year for them to catch up, which could drastically hinder their academic abilities. According to the report, there are 14.5 thousand elementary school students, 22 thousand middle school students and 18 thousand high school students in this situation.Continue Reading

Prague College becomes Prague City University! Seventeen years ago, Prague College opened its doors to a handful of students in Prague’s Vinohrady district. The college offered a British-style education in the heart of Europe with an unusual interdisciplinary approach that explored the interconnected nature of business, IT and design. In a relatively short space of time Prague College built a solid reputation as a leading university in Central Europe, teaching a range of degree programmes in English, and with over 500 students from 90 different countries. Such growth was made possible by a global faculty delivering creative and innovative programmes that fulfilled both student and contemporary businesses’ needs across three schools: the School of Art & Design, School of BusinessContinue Reading

Original Article: CU offers five exceptional Master’s degrees to advance your knowledge, skills and career prospects while continuing at work. All the programmes have been developed in collaboration with industry to ensure high relevance to your chosen field. “When people face difficulties making career progress it’s often because they lack postgraduate qualifications, which can be tough to pursue due to work obligations.”Stefano Cavagnetto, Dean of The School of Business. Balancing work and study Both the MSc in International Management and the MSc in Computing are available in either Intensive (three-semester) or Standard (four-semester) formats, while the MA in Fine Art and the MA in Future Design are both low-residency two-year programmes. Degrees in Business and Computing are offered in global blended format as well as on-campus. Blended learning makesContinue Reading

The Czech Republic is ranked in the top 10 places for foreigners and the benefits of living here are obvious. The quality of life, public transportation infrastructure and the country’s central location in Europe are among the well-known reasons. But one downside for many foreigners is the prospect of integrating into Czech society. A complex language, a culture that can be fairly insular, a sometimes impenetrable bureaucracy are among the challenges. The Czech government recognizes that these difficulties can mean some foreigners never integrate into society as well as they should, and now the government has created a new “adaptation-integration” course for foreigners. Here’s what you need to know: The classes are mandatory for some foreigners If you received yourContinue Reading

The Czech government has published a new document regarding the future of Czech education on its website. This document includes a calculation of the necessary funds to give all Czech public school teachers a raise. This sum is apparently 600 million to a billion crowns. While this may seem as a steep sum, the government apparently has the sum reserved for this purpose. However, it is also important to mention that this money is pulled from the massively inflated government budget, which has put the country in much debt already. This debt will undoubtedly take generations to pay off, so giving money away to a specific demographic right before the elections might be seen as an irresponsible populist move toContinue Reading

In June 2021, the University of New York in Prague will start issuing diplomas to its graduates with the blockchain technology through the BCdiploma platform, along with traditional paper diplomas. This is a result of our continuous effort to bring innovation, the latest technology and new practical solutions to the education industry. “A university diploma issued digitally via blockchain employs all of the inherent advantages of the technology. Compared to a simple scanned copy of a paper diploma, a blockchain diploma cannot be forged, and is easily traceable and verifiable by anybody, while staying secure. In a world without a central diploma verification authority, blockchain diplomas are a great tool to increase student and workforce mobility. Another benefit is thatContinue Reading