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A raise for teachers

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The Czech government has published a new document regarding the future of Czech education on its website. This document includes a calculation of the necessary funds to give all Czech public school teachers a raise. This sum is apparently 600 million to a billion crowns. While this may seem as a steep sum, the government apparently has the sum reserved for this purpose. However, it is also important to mention that this money is pulled from the massively inflated government budget, which has put the country in much debt already. This debt will undoubtedly take generations to pay off, so giving money away to a specific demographic right before the elections might be seen as an irresponsible populist move to gain votes. Nevertheless, this raise to some of the country’s most essential workers is viewed as long overdue. Especially the part of the raise concerning form teachers. These teachers bear more responsibility, and are thus deserving more money, according to the new document.

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