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What Awaits Praguers at the Signal Festival 2023

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Signal Festival is now embarking on its second decade of existence this year. The 11th edition of the Festival of Light is set to commence on October 12th. What awaits you at this exciting event?

Following last year’s monumental tenth-anniversary celebration, the Signal Festival of Light returns once more to enchant the streets of Prague. This spectacular event consistently draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the heart of the capital. So, what do the organizers have in store for us this year?

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When will the Signal Festival take place? The eleventh edition of the Signal Festival will grace Prague from Thursday, October 12th, to Sunday, October 15th, 2023, running from 7 pm to midnight each day.

Festival theme and fresh identity Signal Festival introduces a new three-year theme cycle, “Ecosystems,” focusing on the intricate connections between science, technology, the environment, and art within our society. Accompanying this theme, a brand-new visual identity has been unveiled, crafted by the talented graphic duo Jan Brož and Jan Novák, with assistance from artificial intelligence.

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In its inaugural year, “Ecosystems 01: Exploration” will immerse festival-goers in the realms of artificial intelligence, natural elements, mathematics, biology, poetics, and drama.

The festival program The festival program for this year was unveiled in early September. Attendees can anticipate two primary routes, the innovative “Satellites” project, new locations, and the ever-popular video mappings.

The first route, “Centrum,” will guide visitors through Old Town Square, Fruit Market, Republic Square, and Senovážné Square. The second route, “Karlín/Holešovice,” will lead you to the Museum, the Karlín Barracks, Kooperativa headquarters, and the Holešovice Market.

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The “Satellites” project showcases three permanent art installations in public spaces across Prague, including the concrete sculpture “Aerial” by Federico Díaz at the Bořislavka Centre. For comprehensive itineraries and installation details, visit the Signal Festival website.

Video mappings are a highlight every year, and in 2023, they will adorn two iconic Prague buildings. One will grace Karlín Square at the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius, brought to life by the audiovisual studio Flightgraf under the title “Echo,” exploring themes of nature, the environment, and the connection between humanity and natural processes.

The second video projection, “Luminary Glyphs,” seamlessly blending history and modern technology, will illuminate the Municipal Library building on Mariánské náměstí, a creation by Hungarian artist András László Nagy.

Map and app You can conveniently access the festival map and program right from your pocket by downloading the app, available for both iOS and Android mobile phones. Alternatively, you can visit the festival website or find information at designated “lightpoints” near each installation. If you prefer a printed map, you’ll find one at the box office for paid installations.

Tickets and ticket prices Signal Festival offers two ticket options: “Signal Plus” and “Signal VIP.” “Signal Plus” includes access to seven exclusive installations within the gallery zone. Meanwhile, the “Signal VIP” ticket offers the same perks as “Signal Plus” but with the added benefits of skip-the-line privileges and early admission, accompanied by a welcome drink at select venues. It’s worth noting that most of the festival program remains free of charge.

Signal Festival’s past editions Take a trip down memory lane and explore the last five years of Signal Festival on the streets of Prague. Past editions have celebrated milestones like the centenary of the republic’s founding, the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, paid tribute to Karel Gott’s memory, and even endured a canceled edition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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About the festival Signal Festival harmoniously blends contemporary visual art, urban spaces, and cutting-edge technology. Today, it stands as one of the Czech Republic’s most attended cultural events, boasting numerous successful editions, including last year’s milestone tenth anniversary. As we enter 2023, the festival proudly marks the beginning of its second decade. The festival’s roots trace back to 2010 when a video mapping event commemorated the 600th anniversary of the Old Town Clock. This initial success laid the foundation for expanding the realm of light art in the Czech Republic. The Signal Festival, as we now know it, first came to life in 2013 after three years of preparation, attracting around a quarter of a million attendees.


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