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Agnieszka Holland Is Working On a New Franz Kafka Movie

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Preparations are underway for a feature film centered around the renowned Prague-based German writer, Franz Kafka. The acclaimed director, Agnieszka Holland, is spearheading the project, which is being produced through a collaborative effort between Czech, German, French, and Polish film companies. Marlene Film Production, a domestic company that previously collaborated with Holland on the film “The Charlatan,” takes the lead as the main producer. The screenplay for the film, similar to their previous collaboration, is penned by Mark Epstein, as revealed by producer Šárka Cimbalová in a statement to ČTK.

Holland, having studied at FAMU in Prague and familiarized herself with the city through Kafka’s works, personally selected the theme of Franz Kafka for the film. The timing of the project is significant, as it coincides with the 140th anniversary of the birth of the esteemed writer on July 3rd.

Casting for the film is underway in both Germany and the Czech Republic. The director intends to incorporate both Czech and German languages, reflecting the linguistic environment of Kafka’s era in Prague. Additionally, Kafka frequently visited Germany to meet friends or seek treatment in sanatoriums. Within the Czech Republic, the film primarily focuses on the heart of Prague, where Kafka resided in various apartments and worked at an insurance company.

According to the producer, filming for the first part of the movie will commence this year, followed by the second part in the subsequent year. Cimbalová stated, “We will shoot in the Czech Republic and, thanks to German funds, in Germany. However, the script is still undergoing refinement.” The film, tentatively titled “Franz,” has received CZK 22 million in support from the State Cinematography Fund. Cimbalová also mentioned the backing of Czech Television, with an estimated total budget of around CZK 140 million.

Agnieszka Hollandová, known for her works such as “Mr Jones,” “The Burning Bush,” and “Over the Bones of the Dead,” aims to create a film that encompasses fragments from Franz Kafka’s life and literary contributions. The result will be a mosaic that transcends time, connecting Kafka’s world to the present while delving into the captivating realm of his imagination.

Apart from the involvement of Marlene Film Production, the film includes participation from German company X Films, known for their work on “Babylon Berlin,” major French producers Bac Film, and Polish company Metro Film, currently producing “Hranice.” Holland is wrapping up her work on the latter film. Notably, “Franz” emerges as a co-production between Poland, France, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, with Marlene Film Production serving as the Czech co-producer. The producer revealed, “Following ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ we initiated this project on Kafka and entrusted Mark Epstein with the screenplay, which he dedicated several years to developing.”

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