In Prague on Thursday, a delivery boy’s ordinary workday was interrupted by a man with a machete charging at him. Luckily, the delivery boy decided to run while the man chased him through the garden, and also call the police in the process. When the police arrived and diffused the situation, a bizarre story started to reveal itself. It was so bizarre that the police decided to release the bodycam footage from one of the officers to the public. After the machete-chase ended, the delivery boy naturally had no clue why he was attacked. The man with the machete, visibly struggling to get the words out of his mouth, explained that he is sure that the delivery boy is hisContinue Reading

In Přerov, low flying Army planes have surprised citizens getting ready to do their early morning commute. The spectacle presented itself in the Přerov skies for more than three hours, and some citizens even reported that they were able to see the planes in detail from the roofs of their apartment buildings. Not only were the planes seen flying unusually low, but some also spotted soldiers jumping from the plane and parachuting down to the ground. The spokesman of the Czech Army, Jakub Šimíček, confirmed these observations and explained the situation. “Starting from Tuesday morning, the certification of Czech parachutes for the C-130 Hercules aircraft has been taking place over the Přerov Military Airport”. Consequently both military paratroopers and equipmentContinue Reading

The annual Prague Pride festival, highlighting LGBTQ+ rights and celebrating the community, has started this week. In support of this event, the Prague city hall, as well as some other administrative buildings, is now decorated with a rainbow coloured Pride flags. While flags are a nice touch, the LGBTQ+ community is currently more interested in a legislative change, that would allow all people, regardless of their sex and gender, to enter a marriage. Currently all couples in the country can enter a registered partnership, but only the traditionally Christian couple of one heterosexual male and one heterosexual female can officially undergo the process of marriage and call each other husband and wife. Furthermore, the marriage status has way more legalContinue Reading

Are you tired of the chaotic and busy city life? We got a solution for you: visit the raw food festival, which enlightens the notion of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Enjoy the festival of raw food, inspiring lectures, and workshops. Live (raw) food concept The idea of the festival is marvelous: various restaurants, both vegetarian and vegan, present their best dishes to the community. By doing this, people can find their soulmates, get together, and have a marvelous time. On top of that, some cafés will hold lectures on specific topics, which would benefit all of the guests in one way or another!  Let’s discover what venues have to offer this year. The entire program is here! Get lost inContinue Reading

“Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians & Other Regions of Europe”. This is the latest addition to the UNESCO natural world heritage locations list. One of the locations covered with this umbrella-term inscription lies in the Czech Republic. It is the “Jizerskohorské bučiny”, a beech forest located in northern Czechia. While Czech Republic is certainly not new to UNESCO’s list, the addition of this forest to the natural world heritage list marks the first mention of the Czech Republic in UNESCO’s natural section. The Czech Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec has proclaimed that this news makes the Czech Republic “A part of the heritage of all of mankind”. Furthermore, he shared that he believes that the additionContinue Reading

The fire department in Hradec Králové is mourning the sudden loss of a longtime colleague Jirka Vaniš. He was a professional firefighter for 21 years, so his passing will leave a hole in the department, that will be hard to fill. He was experienced, and willing to help anyone regardless of whether he was on duty or not. His big heart impacted his colleagues so much that they decided to organize a fundraising campaign for Jirka Vaniš’s family. Firemen often risk their lives for the lives or even just property of others. During the recent bad weather, hundreds of Czechs were fully dependent on local fire brigades, whether they needed saving from a tornado, a flood or a fallen tree.Continue Reading

Yesterday, the government has announced that covid-19 restrictions will get looser in the Czech Republic. Starting from August 1st, people will be even allowed to dance at parties or swim at full waterparks as long as they meet the necessary criteria. Culture and sports events will be allowed to host up to 7000 visitors outside and 3000 inside. Standing crowds will also have to socially distance less. That means that many venues will be allowed to run at their full capacity. Also, event organizers who plan to have more than 3000 visitors can opt to only let in visitors who are either vaccinated or had covid-19 within the last six months. In that case, no restrictions will apply to thatContinue Reading

This article is for our international Czech culture lovers, something a do in NYC. International Puppet Fringe Festival Returns, Featuring 40+ Puppet Troupes and Diverse ProgrammingExhibitions Debut at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Education Center and the Museum of the City of New York New York, NY — The inaugural Puppet Week NYC, highlighting New York’s rich and diverse puppetry communities, will take place during the second week of August 2021 with a full roster of events and activities. The International Puppet Fringe Festival, New York’s only international fringe festival dedicated to puppetry, returns August 11 with 40+ performances by some of the leading puppet makers and troupes from around the world. Organized by Teatro SEA, Grupo Morán (The Morán Group) and The Clemente Soto Velez CulturalContinue Reading

On Thursday afternoon, a senior citizen climbed a metal mast standing beside the train tracks at the Ústí and Labem railroad station. The 70 year old’s antics delayed all traffic through the railroad hub, as the police had to send in multiple negotiators to persuade the man, who went up the mast holding the Czech flag, to climb down. During the negotiation, the man requested to speak to local authorities. The whole situation lasted around 4 hours. During it, the perpetrator ensured his own safety with mountain climbing gear, threw down two wooden planks at the police and then passed down a bag full of documents printed on paper. When the man finally climbed down, he surprisingly managed to doContinue Reading

A new railway station in Brno has already been one of the city’s priorities for a long time. Now, the architectural plans for the building have been selected and their visualisations were shared. The company selected for the job is Benthem Crouwel Architects, a company with plenty of experience with such large projects. They have designed the railway station in Rotterdam and worked on the reconstruction of the railway station in Amsterdam. The company claims that the new building will bring a positive impulse for the growing city and become its welcoming gateway. The city’s mayor, Markéta Vaňková (ODS), has declared that this building will become a milestone in the future development of the city. “It is the first stepContinue Reading