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Senior citizen delays trains

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On Thursday afternoon, a senior citizen climbed a metal mast standing beside the train tracks at the Ústí and Labem railroad station. The 70 year old’s antics delayed all traffic through the railroad hub, as the police had to send in multiple negotiators to persuade the man, who went up the mast holding the Czech flag, to climb down. During the negotiation, the man requested to speak to local authorities. The whole situation lasted around 4 hours. During it, the perpetrator ensured his own safety with mountain climbing gear, threw down two wooden planks at the police and then passed down a bag full of documents printed on paper. When the man finally climbed down, he surprisingly managed to do it by himself, without the help of either the fire department and the rescue services, who were all already at the site of the incident. Despite the site of the incident, the traffic on the rails was only slightly impacted, as most trains were simply moved to another one of the stations many other platforms.

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