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The fourth year of the ARENA festival will offer the legendary Obludárium of the Forman Brothers Theatre

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ARENA of the Forman Brothers Theatre, theatre festival, new circus, music and contemporary visuals

Prague, June 1, 2021 – The fourth open air festival ARENA of the Forman Brothers Theatre will take place from June 23 to July 3 in Prague. Compared to previous years, it will move a few meters further and become part of the newly reconstructed Smíchov embankment, where the ship Tajemství will also be moored. The Catalan ensemble Los Galindos will appear at the festival for the first time in the Czech Republic with a performance of UduL taking place in a traditional Mongolian yurt. Comeback especially for ARENA will take place in the form of the legendary Obludárium. Families with children can enjoy the Happy Prince by Matěj Forman and the Lampion Theatre. The work The Illusionist with Vojta Švejda, directed by Petr Forman, was created in collaboration with the Forman Brothers Theatre. For the first time, viewers will be able to see the production Wrecks of Dreams by Holektiv & Cink Cink Cirk. Students from the international circus school in Toulouse will also come. Admission to the complex is free throughout the festival and in compliance with all safety and hygiene measures. Tickets are on sale on the GOOUT portal. Attention, since it is possible to fill only 50% of the capacity, there is a risk of their quick sale!

“For me, this year’s festival is about being together again. Just the opportunity to meet and perform, even with limited capacity, is like a dream after that demanding year. They all meet our needs – ensembles, actors, partners, institutions, and ministry. Thank you very much, because this year it is not about having the best program, due to the situation it is not possible, but about the desire to play for the audience. Of course, not at any cost, but now it makes sense to us, “says Petr Forman, artistic director of the ARENA festival.

In addition to the foreign news UduL from the Catalan Los Galindos, the 11-day festival will offer performances arising from cooperation with the Forman Brothers Theatre. Viewers will see the renewed Obludárium especially for ARENA or Vojta Švejda’s new one-man show Illusionist directed by Petr Forman. There will also be a popular family production of Happy Prince based on the fairy tale of Oscar Wilde by Matěj Forman. The organizers also try to keep the promise of support for young artists and students in the form of space dedicated to them at the festival. This year, Holektiv & Cink Cink Cirk will present its Dream Wrecks, tailor-made for the unique spaceships of the Mystery ship, and after excellent experiences with students, fresh graduates of the French circus school Ésacto’Lido from Toulouse will come.

“Every year we prepare the festival with regard to the venue. Our goal was to be by the water again and the current arrangement, when the park is a kind of festival terrace with a beautiful view, meets it. The festival is also one of the first events organized on the reconstructed Smíchov embankment. We would also like to thank our general partner, the EUC Medical Group, for their great support, thanks to whom we are able to provide everything we need with regard to the current situation. Please follow the precautions and behave responsibly so that we can all enjoy the festival, “adds Petr Forman.

An accompanying program is prepared for all visitors in the form of workshops, concerts on land and on the ship, and ongoing performances in the festival grounds.

“We support the ARENA Festival every year. This year, however, the partnership has taken on a new dimension. It is a matter of course to ensure continuous medical supervision in the festival area, but we also perform regular testing of actors and other organizers so that all conditions are met and the festival is as safe as possible for participants. I believe that despite certain limitations, they will enjoy it as in previous years. The Smíchov embankment and the adjacent park will also serve as a place to relax with good food and drink. People can visit here for free throughout the festival, of course in compliance with all current measures, so if someone wants to spend a nice afternoon in the festival grounds on the banks of the Vltava, they are definitely welcome, “says Aziz Jahić, Marketing Director of EUC Medical Group.

Open air festival ARENA of the Forman Brothers Theatre

The ARENA Open Air Festival, founded by the Forman Brothers Theatre, first took place in 2017. Its flagship was a new performance produced by the Forman Brothers “DEADTOWN”. However, the directorial manuscript of Matěj and Petr Formanová appeared in each performance performed at the festival.

ARENA is a festival of theatre, new circus, music and contemporary visuals. The aim of the festival is to create another space in the centre of Prague, which visitors can use for cultural experiences and relaxation. The festival is not based on just one world or genre. In addition to the so-called new circus, it aims to introduce other forms of theatre, which correspond to the shift of time and the emergence of new media, the needs of creators of the young generation and the demands of the audience.

More information about the festival can be found and Facebook profile of festival.

Thanks to the partners without whom the festival could not have been established:

General partner: EUC

Organizer: Divadlo bratří Formanů

Co-organizer: Městská část Praha 5

Partners: C.S.CARGO, Mercedes-Benz, TOI TOI, Kruton Electron, Media partners: JCDecaux, Publicis Groupe, Reflex,,

With the support of: MKČR, Magistrátu hlavního města Prahy, Městské části Praha 5, Francouzského institutu

The health service is provided by: EUC Klinika

Tickets for individual performances are on sale on the portal GOOUT.

For more information, please contact:

Dana Favaro

Public relations

M: +420 724 012 632 E: [email protected]

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