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Dam breaking in Děčín

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In the Czech Republic, it is not uncommon for both villages and towns to have a local pond called ‘Rybník’ where a population of fish is usually cared for by local fishermen and where excess water from fields flows during heavy rains. However, the recent rains have been too much for the man-made water reservoir in Děčín, the dam of which seems on the brink of destruction by the water pressure mounting on its side, as even more water flows into the pond. Firemen from the north-western Czech town are already assisting. 8 vehicles have already been dispatched to the site of the potential disaster. Some estimates even suggest that if the dam were to break, the wave of flooding could even reach the German border. A campsite full of children is also currently in the hazard zone. The organizers of the summer camp at this site have been informed, and while the firemen are trying to pump out us much water as possible from the pond, the children from the campsite are expected to evacuate. The spokesperson of the firemen Lukáš Marvan has declared that the dam is in disrepair. We will inform you if this story develops.

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