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OBJECT:PARADISE Volume II to be Released on Seattle-based Sifter Grim

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Table of Contents

Prague, January 28th, 2022

 OBJECT:PARADISE, the Prague-based performance and poetics collective, is celebrating the release of their second studio album on Seattle-based record label Sifter Grim January 28th 2022. The objective of the record is to capture the aural experience of the collective’s interdisciplinary events which are in quest to answer, “what is poetry?” and, “does it exist”?

The seven track album which spans genres of fee-jazz, world music, VHS sound bites, and other styles is presented in a composition to highlight the dialogue of noise and voice in the working-class, expat artist community of Prague: Žižkov.

Curated by the collective’s Sound Director, Roksan Mandel, the record features over 20 Prague-based sound and language artists in discussions on themes of the neighborhood’s distant–though relevant–communist past, notions of men eating ham sandwiches, and other concepts of languaging.

 OBJECT:PARADISE’s last performance, Excuse Me, Žižkov, was held out front a supermarket where a quartet played alongside readers chanting at typewriters, men boxing and kissing, tattoo artists giving and receiving ink, and police interrogating–all at once. The collective aims to put language into a unique and shared context between producer and receiver where denotations are challenged and connotations are encouraged.

The album is for anyone who has felt like sharing a piece of writing but felt too low-brow for their literary scene–the literary scene does not belong to the literate.

OBJECT:PARADISE, z.s. IČO 09829911

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