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Ukrainian Man Arrested After Putting a Firecracker in his Wife’s Vigina. She Suffered Severe Injuries When the Firecracker Exploded.

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A young Ukrainian man is facing charges of severe bodily harm after a violent assault that left his wife seriously injured at a residential hotel in Kožlany, Plzeň Region, on Saturday night. Lenka Kocurová, the head of the Plzeň District Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed these charges to the news agency on Tuesday, with the foreigner potentially facing up to ten years in prison for the attack.

The victim, who was hospitalized with severe genital injuries, appears to have been harmed by a pyrotechnic device. According to the resolution initiating criminal proceedings, the foreigner was allegedly involved in a shocking incident where he attempted to insert a firecracker into his partner’s vagina and ignite it. “Medical reports indicate that the injuries are consistent with the effects of an explosive device,” stated a source familiar with the investigation.

Currently, the accused foreigner is in police custody, and Kocurová mentioned that a request for his detention has been filed. This precaution is taken due to concerns that he might attempt to evade legal proceedings, tamper with witnesses, or engage in further criminal activities if released.

The injured woman was initially brought to the hospital by the accused man. A doctor familiar with the case described the patient as having suffered severe injuries in the genital area, resulting in significant bleeding, necessitating immediate surgery. Subsequently, the man was detained by the police at the hospital.

As of now, the woman’s condition remains highly critical, according to Gabriela Levorová, a spokesperson for the Pilsen University Hospital, who provided an update on Monday.

The residential hotel in Kožlany is known to host foreigners, but the owner declined to comment on the incident when contacted by the editorial office, citing an ongoing police investigation. Similarly, other residents of the hostel were not forthcoming with information, only acknowledging that the incident involved a young Ukrainian man and his partner who had a dispute that evening.

Neighbors in the vicinity of the hostel reported no prior issues and claimed to be unaware of the incident, noting that the male residents typically leave for work early in the morning and return in the evening, while women and children tend to stay in the building.


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