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Survey: More than Half of Ukrainians Face Agression in the Czech Republic

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Based on research by the Czech agency PAQ Research, over 60% of Ukrainians presently residing in the Czech Republic have encountered various forms of hostility. The primary incidents involve verbal abuse or insults, although one out of every 20 respondents has suffered physical attacks.

The findings, drawn from a survey of more than 3,800 Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic conducted in June 2023, were prominently featured by the Ukrainian news outlet Evropejska Pravda. Respondents were asked whether they or their family members had experienced verbal or physical assaults while in the Czech Republic due to their Ukrainian heritage.

The survey revealed that individuals under the age of 40 are notably more susceptible to aggression compared to older demographics. Moreover, women are more frequently targeted than men.

Regarding physical aggression, the study’s authors inferred from the results that confrontations among children are relatively commonplace. These incidents predominantly involve children from single-parent households, especially those residing with their mothers in the Czech Republic.

Occupation appears to influence the likelihood of experiencing aggression among the respondents. Approximately two-thirds of Ukrainians working in the service sector reported encountering some form of aggression.


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