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Police Killed a Mass Shooter in Bratislava. The Attacker Shot from a House Window.

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On Thursday night, a 32-year-old man initiated a shooting spree from a house window in the Dúbravka district of Bratislava. Prompt police intervention led to the fatal shooting of the assailant, resulting in four individuals being wounded. This information was reported by the news outlet

Among the injured are at least three civilians who were on the street during the incident, along with one police officer who sustained a head stab wound inflicted by the attacker. Before the gunfire erupted, people sought refuge behind vehicles and a nearby residential building, as described by the news source.

The emergency services operations center provided additional details, stating, “Four individuals at the scene suffered gunshot injuries to their upper and lower limbs, receiving initial treatment before being transported to the hospital. Tragically, a 32-year-old man was pronounced dead by paramedics.”

The incident took place near the Saratov shopping center and was accompanied by reports of an explosion at the same location. Michal Szeiff, the regional police spokesman, confirmed that officers responded to Fedakova Street following multiple reports indicating an explosion followed by gunfire.

During the police intervention, officers resorted to using their firearms, ultimately resulting in the fatal shooting of the assailant, as reported by

Witnesses at the scene recounted hearing explosions prior to the shooting. According to accounts provided to, the perpetrator initially fired shots from the apartment window, then proceeded onto the street, continuing the shooting spree. Subsequently, he retreated into the house, where an explosion occurred.

By this point, law enforcement officers had already arrived at the scene. The assailant confronted one of the officers with a knife, threatening to harm them. During the altercation, the officer sustained a stab wound to the back of their head.

Additional eyewitnesses reported hearing explosions before the shooting commenced, with some individuals frequently alerting the police about the individual’s behavior.


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