The police from Cvikov in northern Czechia are trying to solve a hidden treasure mystery. It has now been more than two weeks since a “large sum” of money was found by a local good samaritan and turned in to the police. The money was apparently found on a trail in the woods near the town. The police are hesitant to disclose any more information about the exact location of the find, the packaging of it or the amount of money found. According to the spokesperson of the regional police department, Lucie Baláková, they chose this approach so that the original owner of the money could identify themselves to the police once they try to contact them. The police askedContinue Reading

A train owned by the Czech company Regiojet full of Czech tourists got stuck for 11 hours on Sunday night in Hungary, due to a malfunction in the train’s engine. The train departing from the Czech Republic was headed for Split, Croatia. Many of its passengers were Czech families looking forward to a pleasant vacation by the sea. Instead they were met with 11 hours of misinformation, chaos and worry. Some passengers even resorted to contacting the owner of the company via email. They have criticized the supposed lack of preparation by the company for malfunctions on their trains. For a private company trying to outclass the Czech national rail company, an incident like this could be very devastating. OnContinue Reading

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the remainder of this week may well be the last hot and sunny week we can expect for a while. The coming weeks are supposed to bring lower temperatures, colder winds and even more rain. Such weather is supposed to last at least until mid-August. However, this shift in weather was expected by the meteorologists. According to all the data measured in Czech history, the hottest middle of the summer took place in 1994, with the average temperature only being 22.5 degrees Celsius. The expected rise in rainfall is also standard for this time of the year and should not go above the long-term average of 75mm of rainfall for this time period. However,Continue Reading

Although it has recently become easier to travel to the Czech Republic from the UK for those who are fully vaccinated, it seems that some UK airports did not get the memo. Over the weekend, there have been reports of fully vaccinated Czech citizens having trouble to board a plane back home. These troubles have likely stemmed from the recent change in Czech travel restrictions for vaccinated citizens. These changes allowed people to fly back home without a test for covid-19. However these changes seem to have caught the airports in the United Kingdom off-guard, as the passengers from the Czech Republic struggled to board their flights, especially those provided by the airline Ryanair. Multiple passengers have reported having unpleasantContinue Reading

The weekend rains have unfortunately resulted in many floods across the Czech Republic. Some even had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. Floods seem to be an unfortunate and frequent trade-off for the Czech scenery, which is riddled with rivers and small streams. And this summer’s wild weather has certainly not helped. Destroyed roads, fields and cellars are not an unlikely sight in many Czech villages. While some have started to clean up to minimize damages to their belongings, many have also opted to try and fortify what is left to protect it from the rains forecasted for the coming days. In most cases, those who have been stuck by this natural disaster are receiving help fromContinue Reading

Late on Wednesday, the inhabitants of the Vysočina region, around Mohelno, looked up to the sky in terror, as a cloud closely resembling a tornado formed above their heads. The visual scare was accompanied by a steep drop in temperature, rain and strong winds. However, this was not a tornado, but merely a cloud formation, called a shelf cloud, which ended up being mostly harmless in physical damages. However this experience has uncovered that many Czechs are now scared of tornadoes after they have seen the devastation that occurred not even a month ago around Hodonín. Those who have experienced the tornado in their homes are even often experiencing symptoms of trauma-connected psychological disorders. Nevertheless, it does seem like thisContinue Reading

It seems Czech travel restrictions are a joke to some. According to Seznam Zprávy, some Czechs are getting out of the country by car, just to fly to an exotic destination with high risk or even extremely high risk of covid-19 transfer from an airport outside the country. Thus, when they return back to the Czech Republic by driving their car back from the foreign airport, they do not undergo any strict documentation checks or checks of their subsequent self-isolation, as they would if they arrived at a Czech airport instead. This does not come as a shock to many, as the land border patrols within the Schengen zone are not capable of filtering incoming tourists as well as airportContinue Reading

Do you like the French market that consists of great culture, food, and spirit as much as we do? Then, you are on the right page! Try the best delicates and unique dishes of French cuisine without leaving the metropolis. Enjoy the adventure of gastronomy & degustation!  French Market: the concept Kampa’s French market is held annually in the spirit of a friendly, greedy, joyful, relaxing, colorful, shady, and multilingual environment. Every summer for the past 14 years, the market has set up stands, tables, chairs, platforms, parasols, and deck chairs… and it is likely Prague’s oldest food festival.  The event will take place for six days, as usual, between July 13 and July 18, 2021. See you there forContinue Reading

Olomouc, 15th July 2021 – For the 6th time the documentary film festival Země na talíři (World on a Plate) about people, food and environment is coming back to Olomouc. Event, shedding light on issues connected to food production, will take place on Wednesday 21st July at Pevnost poznání Olomouc (Areál Korunní pevnůstky, 17. listopadu 7). This summer the festival offers a documentary „Mothers of the land“ – a peak into both struggles and joys in lives of five Peruvian traditional female farmers growing quinoa and potatoes during the time of climate crisis. Also workshop on DIY eco-cosmetics and, quiz and discussion with a young couple who runs an ecological farm Zahrada Vesna and produces and sells fresh vegetables inContinue Reading

One of the most popular travel destinations for Czechs during the summer is making its rules stricter yet again. Croatia has recently announced that it will not let anyone who has been vaccinated more than 210 days ago without a covid test inside its borders. This means that in late August, those who have been vaccinated in the first days of vaccination in the Czech Republic will need an additional test. This has stirred up major discontent, especially among families of front line workers, who were prioritized in the vaccination process, and also need their well earned first vacation in 2 years the most. Austria has adopted a similar restriction, although it has set the ‘expiry date’ of the vaccineContinue Reading