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The Head of Famous Prague Surgery Clinic Commited Suicide

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The tragic news of Tomáš Řehořek, the co-owner of the renowned Prague plastic surgery clinic Petra Clinic, taking his own life has been reported in the Blesk newspaper. It appears that untreated psychological issues led to the voluntary death of this professional, whose clientele included numerous celebrities.

At the age of 44, Tomáš Řehořek tragically committed suicide on July 7th. The Blesk newspaper, on Saturday, quoted his wife, who confirmed the family’s devastating loss and revealed that her husband had left a suicide note.

“I didn’t notice any signs that would indicate his intentions. Over the past few years, my husband had successfully overcome various severe health problems, but they had significantly impacted his mental well-being. This situation is extremely challenging for all of us, particularly for our children,” expressed Řehořek wife.

She also disclosed that she was aware of her husband’s psychological struggles linked to depression, but he had declined professional assistance.

According to the official website of Petra Clinic, Řehořek served as the clinic’s managing director and held the position of director of economics and marketing. He was responsible for matters related to the clinic’s finances and personnel, contributed to shaping the company’s overall vision, and acted as the primary liaison for media and business partners.

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