Just like most things, people living in the Heart of Europe will see higher prices on tap water going into 2021. Due to a massive drop in water consumption during COVID-19, Prague residents are expected to pay 92.36 Kč per cubic meter of water next year, which is a rise of 7.3% compared to last year.  Tomáš Mrázek of Prague Waterworks and Sewage (PVK), the company in charge of the city’s water system, says that the country’s capital was more affected by the drop in water consumption than anywhere in the Czech Republic. “The increase in price mostly because of a huge drop in invoice volumes which regulated costs are calculated from. These will only increase due to inflation. TheContinue Reading

It seems like the shops might close without getting to enjoy serving customers. If on Tuesday the PES level remains above the value of 60, the Czech Republic will come back to the fourth (red) level of danger according to PES, which will mean the return of the night curfew and closure of the restaurants, shops and other services. The PES level remained at 57 (third, orange level of danger) for 13 days, but from Saturday, it rose above 60, corresponding to the fourth degree. As of Monday, the Czech Republic is at the PES value of 64 – in the red zone, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the government has the right to tighten the measures underContinue Reading

In late October a fire virtually destroyed a 17th century wooden church in Prague’s Kinsky Gardens that had been transported from Carpathian Ruthenia in 1929. Plans are already afoot to rebuild the Church of St. Michael – and a highly detailed 3D image created by US photographer Jeffrey Martin could provide a great deal of help in that regard.Continue Reading

As was already anticipated, due to the current epidemiological situation, there will be no big Christmas markets in Prague’s Old Town this year. However, a tree would be in place and some small-scale individual tents with food might be present, yet no huge celebration is possible. Christmas markets are an annual tradition in the Czech Republic, but to avoid large groups of people gathering in one place, the government decided to give up plans for holding the habitual celebrations. Similarly, the Signal Festival also got cancelled earlier last month for same reasons. “Given the epidemiological situation, it would probably be very inappropriate to hold Christmas markets and prepare them to the extent and size we are used to from previousContinue Reading

Umělecká Zahrada or the Arts Garden in Prague’s district of Nusle is located at the site of a former sculpting studio established in the 1920s by Karel Novák. Over the thirty years of its existence, some of the country’s most famous statues were created here, including the memorial to Jan Hus on the Old Town Square by Ladislav Šaloun.Continue Reading