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Chaplin square reconstruction

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The Chaplin square is an homage to the famous silent film actor, composer and director. It is located in Prague 5, Barrandov, near where the biggest Czech film studios are located. Unfortunately, the square no longer radiates as much respect as it once did. Thus, the district hall of Prague 5 plans a massive reconstruction, including a new irrigation system designed to use rainwater to its full potential. The plan will also include the full replacement of all public night lights and the addition of drinking fountains. Furthermore, the statues commemorating the famous American are to be fully cleaned to once again pay respect to his name. The original piece was made in the 80s, as well as the panel houses surrounding it which still house more than 20 000 people. The latest addition to the square was made in 2003, when a tram line was installed. This tram connects the square to the city centre so the square is in even more need of a reconstruction. Luckily the Prague 5 district hall already approved the 32.5 million crown construction, so all the building should be done by May 2022 according to its spokesperson, Stanislav Brunclík.

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