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Read This Before Transporting Your Dog to Avoid Penalties in Czech Republic

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We love dogs in the Czech Republic and we take them literally everywhere with us, be it a local cafe we go to get our morning espresso, an office building where we work or vacation. 

However, it is important to know the right way to transport our beloved four-legged friends by car. Here are four ways you can transport your pet safely without getting penalties.


People transport their dogs in so many ways. A lot of people take them in the trunk, others have their dog sitting in the back seat with their face out the window, and some let them sit behind the wheel and put their dog on the lap. All of these methods of transportation are completely wrong and directly endanger not only your pet’s life but yours as well.


The Czech police can fine you up to 2,000 crowns on the spot or charge you between 1,500 and 25,000 crowns as an administrative penalty if they notice you are not transporting your dog correctly during a traffic check.


The first thing to consider is that a dog moving freely around the cabin distracts the driver from what is happening on the road and around the vehicle. It can cause a critical situation. And, while you are reliably buckled up, the dog freely walking inside the car you won’t be able to react in time to the unexpected change of direction and speed of movement. It is enough to brake sharply at low speed – and the dog will be injured.


1) Place the dog in the back seat (it is in your best interest to cover it with a special protective cover or at least a blanket) and fasten it with a special harness directly to the belt tensioner. The usual leash is not suitable, because it is not strong enough. You can buy a special belt for only a couple of hundred crowns, but there are more expensive high-quality models for about two thousand crowns. We would not recommend economizing on safety. This method is more suitable for small breeds of dogs.


2) If using a carrier, be sure to secure it with a seat belt or other sturdy strap – the fasteners that come with the carrier may not hold during an accident. Do not hold the carrier with your hand: not only will you not be able to hold it in place, but you will also seriously injure yourself. The price of a baby carrier varies from a few hundred kronor to several thousand. When buying one, think not only about the size but also about how it can be securely fastened.


3) If you are carrying a large dog in the trunk, we highly recommend installing a grid/net to separate the dog area from the rest of the passenger compartment. You can use the grid to separate not only the trunk space from the passenger compartment, but also the dog area from the rest of the trunk. Look for such a grid among the original accessories from the car manufacturer.


4) The best solution is to put the dog in an enclosed cage, securely fastened to the trunk (ideally, tie it to the floor or use a separating grid/net as well). You’ll get sad dog eyes, but it’s better for your dog: it’s the safest and gentlest way to travel.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the penalties that you may get for transporting your dog the wrong way, but the health and safety of yours and your pet. 

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