Prague, July 13 – This Friday and Saturday, the multi-genre festival Praha žije hudbou will overtake streets, squares, parks and other public spots of the Czech capital. The lineup will offer around 200 artists of various genres from pop through rock, jazz, rap, beatbox and electronic music to classical music, but also a number of theater performances or slam poetry. On the two-day festival held under the motto “Art belongs to the streets”, streets of Prague will witness live performances by world-famous jazz trumpeter Laco Déczi with his Celula New York ensemble, singer Ondřej Ruml, genre-spanning band minus123minut, folk-pop singer Voxel, multi-instrumentalist balancing between folk and electronic music Bára Zmeková or beatbox masters Endra and Tiny Beat. Some will returnContinue Reading

With still no continuous road circling Prague, many drivers are forced to venture into the capital in some parts of their travels. Even without them, Prague’s roads barely withstand the daily traffic produced by its 1.3 million inhabitants. Yesterday, repairs began on one of the roads most pressured by this problem, Jižní spojka, loosely translated – the Southern Connection. This caused a traffic jam spanning many kilometres, even reaching the D1, which some readers might recall is both the aorta and vena cava of the metaphorical circulatory system that is the Czech road system. The police are asking all citizens to avoid travelling through this section of the road if at all possible. If not possible, drivers must expect aContinue Reading

Pasta Oner is back to Prague gallery after four years to beat the success of the Art is Truth exhibit in DSC Gallery 2017. The artist known for his mural arts around Czech Republic and pop-art cartoon aesthetic presents The 20th Century Cabinet solo exhibit in the spacious rooms of a historical villa in Prague 6. The exhibit is inspired by the nostalgia of the ‘golden 90s era’ and the passage to the new century of rapidly developing capitalism. Through his works Pasta Oner comments on the epoch of consumerism and modern society using the unique style, unambiguous symbolism and experimenting with various materials. The artist draws a parallel with a Cabinet of Curiosities (German Wunderkammer), the remarkable rare objectsContinue Reading

OBJECT:PARADISE, z.s., a Prague-based poetics collective, is celebrating the release of Covid restrictions with their first public event of the year on Saturday June 12th at one of Žižkov’s most iconic locations. The event, titled Excuse me, Žižkov, will incorporate readings in various languages, improvisations from local musicians, and spontaneous performances with the aim to celebrate not only the rich artistic scene in Žižkov, but also the reunification of people in the public space for a shared celebration of culture. The performance will be composed of both Czech & international residents and students, unified by the common goal to bring life back to the streets. Starting from 19:00 and lasting until 21:30, the event will take place at the historicContinue Reading

Scott.Weber Workspace’s newly opened Praga Office & Garden workspaces offer businesses and independent professionals a versatile working atmosphere. The building, which is located in the heart of Karlín, represents the district’s industrial heritage and the genius loci of the former Praga car assembly plant, which was previously housed here. The automotive industry’s influence can also be seen in the overall office layout solution, right down to the tiniest furniture specifics.  The building atmosphere Praga Office & Garden is a historically significant building with a distinctive architectural style. Its architecture is based on the district’s former industrial character. Concrete, metal, stone, painted steel, brass details, cognac leather, and terrazzo are only a few of the materials used. The architecture and interiorContinue Reading