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Another day and all shops might close: PES level on the rise

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It seems like the shops might close without getting to enjoy serving customers. If on Tuesday the PES level remains above the value of 60, the Czech Republic will come back to the fourth (red) level of danger according to PES, which will mean the return of the night curfew and closure of the restaurants, shops and other services.

The PES level remained at 57 (third, orange level of danger) for 13 days, but from Saturday, it rose above 60, corresponding to the fourth degree. As of Monday, the Czech Republic is at the PES value of 64 – in the red zone, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the government has the right to tighten the measures under PES regulations once the value increases, it is likely that this development will bring back certain measures. As such, freedom of movement should be restricted again along with closing shops, restaurants and services.

“We must realize that the current situation is still very fragile and any fluctuation can mean a significant deterioration of the situation. I don’t want to scare, but we’re still on the border between the 3rd and 4th degree,” the chief hygienist of the Czech Republic Jarmila Rážová told Právo.

Certain developments across the country caused the increase in PES. As such, according to the data presented by the Ministry of Health, all regions except for Prague (49), Plzeň Region (58) and South Moravian Region (51) entered the red level of PES or even the purple one, as in case with Ústí nad Labem Region (76). The R0 number has risen above 1, as well.

According to Ministry of Health, the PES index corresponds to a level as follows:

Level 1: green (0-20)

Level 2: yellow (21-40)

Level 3: orange (41-60)

Level 4: red (61-75)

Level 5: purple (76-100)

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