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Czech authorities say they are expelling 18 Russian diplomats believed to be intelligence operatives in retaliation for the explosion, which killed two people. » Read More Health Minister Petr Arenberger told a news conference on Friday that the Easter holiday did not lead to a spike in new coronavirus infections, but an easing of restrictions should be conservative and incremental. » Read More A concert that was scheduled to take place next week at Lucerna in Prague will ultimately not take place, Health Minister Petr Arenberger told journalists on Friday. » Read More A group of activists from the group Kaputin placed an effigy of Vladimir Putin, naked and seated on a gold toilet, outside the Russian embassy in PragueContinue Reading

Czech Railways ordered 20 new long-distance trains for 12.5 billion crowns from the Sienes Mobility and Škoda Transportation consortium. Supply will consist of 180 vehicles with a capacity of 555 places and a maximum operating speed of 230 km / h. The last farewell with the owner of PPF, Peter Kellner, occurred last weekend. This was reported without details by Board of Directors member Vladimir Mlnarzh. Kellner died as a result of a helicopter crash in Alaska at the end of March. From April 12th, zoos open throughout the Czech Republic. Track the number of visitors on HN reported that Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek believes that parliamentary parties are close to agreeing on a new tax on solarContinue Reading

It seems like the shops might close without getting to enjoy serving customers. If on Tuesday the PES level remains above the value of 60, the Czech Republic will come back to the fourth (red) level of danger according to PES, which will mean the return of the night curfew and closure of the restaurants, shops and other services. The PES level remained at 57 (third, orange level of danger) for 13 days, but from Saturday, it rose above 60, corresponding to the fourth degree. As of Monday, the Czech Republic is at the PES value of 64 – in the red zone, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the government has the right to tighten the measures underContinue Reading