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Quickshot News: 1.7.2021

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Table of Contents

The threat of Covid-19 mutations – DEVELOPMENT

In one of yesterday’s quickshots, we informed you about the Czech government perceiving arrivals from the United Kingdom as an epidemiological risk. The threat of the ‘delta mutation’ has now led the government taking drastic steps against other countries. Starting Thursday, travel to Russia and Tunisia will be banned. This comes as a shock to those who have paid for, or already left for their vacation in this North African tourist hotspot. Regarding the United Kingdom, the Minister of Health has hinted that the government might impose similar restrictions as in the cases of Tunisia and Russia.

The end of a very specific school year

For students and pupils of all ages, a very specific school year (to say the least) has come to an end. Many schools decided to celebrate the end of this period full of adversity in a special way. In Nehvizdy, one pupil has decided to arrive to the final ceremony of the year on a horse. In tornado-stricken Lužice, the local school had no other choice but to organize the final report event on a football field. Whatever the circumstances, most agree that the success of students is a collective achievement of them, their steadfast teachers and their parents, who played an unusually big role in the education of many children this year during online learning.

Should we aid all tornado victims equally?

As days pass after the Southern-Moravian natural disaster, the imaginary winds of an economic debate that could impact the strategy of fighting with future natural disasters are picking up speed. It is the dilemma between the government helping all victims equally, and helping those who have not insured their property more. Naturally, these people need help the most, since their houses have disappeared and there is little chance for them to get financial aid. However, supporting their reckless choice to not insure would be very unfair to those who were sensible, but still could use any help they can get. Many even argue that those not insured should get nothing from the government at all.

Concert for Moravia

The Czech Television has organized a concert to collect money for the victims of last week’s tornado. The artists involved included Anna K., Buty, Jan Maxián, Mňága a Žďorp, Dan Bárta, Richard Krajčo, Čechomor, Adam Plachetka, Hana and Petr Ulrych, Vojtěch Dyk, Eva Burešová and others. The event has collected over ten million crowns live and contributions can still be made to the transparent account. This is yet another example of the nation coming together to help the victims of the tragedy. Singer Dan Bárta, one of the aforementioned artists taking part in the concert, has mentioned that certain artists are always waiting for such opportunities to help after tragic events. He also praised the Czech Television for usually taking charge in organising this type of charity work.

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