Tragic accident on Czech Republic’s main road The D1, arguably the most important highway in the Czech Republic, has come to a total standstill today. The connection between Prague and Brno (and soon even Ostrava) was halted by an accident involving 2 lorries, bus and a car. The driver of one of the lorries was fatally wounded, 4 others were transported to a hospital. Accidents are nothing new on this road, especially since it is famous among Czechs for its poor condition. However a fatal accident of this magnitude does not happen very often. Official police investigation is still underway, but many already blame the construction right after the site of the accident for what happened. Constructions are a distractionContinue Reading

The end of -ová names? Will Ms. Nováková become Ms. Novák? Today the Czech senate has voted in favour of a change in the naming convention of Czech women. Starting in January 2022, all Czech parents will be able to opt out of the suffix for their new-born female child. Until now, only women living abroad or children and wives of expats were able to make this decision. This will require a restructuring of the way we use the language, as we will no longer be able to assume the surname of a female based on their father’s or husband’s surname. However many view this step as a step towards gender equality, since the suffix -ová semantically described the wife/daughterContinue Reading

The threat of Covid-19 mutations – DEVELOPMENT In one of yesterday’s quickshots, we informed you about the Czech government perceiving arrivals from the United Kingdom as an epidemiological risk. The threat of the ‘delta mutation’ has now led the government taking drastic steps against other countries. Starting Thursday, travel to Russia and Tunisia will be banned. This comes as a shock to those who have paid for, or already left for their vacation in this North African tourist hotspot. Regarding the United Kingdom, the Minister of Health has hinted that the government might impose similar restrictions as in the cases of Tunisia and Russia. The end of a very specific school year For students and pupils of all ages, aContinue Reading

Gunman caught in Prague Cooperation of the public and the police has led to a successful end of an uncommonly large manhunt in the country’s capital. The fugitive on the loose was a lifelong criminal, who was recently a prime suspect in a case of spraying acid on a female co-worker and rigging his flat with explosives, which injured a police officer. Today, the 66 year old mad man shot a job centre worker dead, which led to the quick search for him, which even utilized a police helicopter. Czechia helps Tornado victims Southern Moravia villages struck by Thursday’s tornado have received enough financial support to give every household 150 000 crowns. A record-breaking 850 million has been collected byContinue Reading