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Quickshot News: 30.6.2021

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Table of Contents

Gunman caught in Prague

Cooperation of the public and the police has led to a successful end of an uncommonly large manhunt in the country’s capital. The fugitive on the loose was a lifelong criminal, who was recently a prime suspect in a case of spraying acid on a female co-worker and rigging his flat with explosives, which injured a police officer. Today, the 66 year old mad man shot a job centre worker dead, which led to the quick search for him, which even utilized a police helicopter.

Czechia helps Tornado victims

Southern Moravia villages struck by Thursday’s tornado have received enough financial support to give every household 150 000 crowns. A record-breaking 850 million has been collected by various charities within the few days since the natural disaster and there is more coming. While very grateful, the locals are now requesting skilled tradesmen to come help, since whole villages must be rebuilt at once. Furthermore, basic infrastructure needs to start working again, especially GP surgeries. Local Doctor Jiří Bartoš has stated that locals are expected to start flooding GPs with post-traumatic disorder symptoms.

Investment into University education

The Albertov campus of the Charles University will soon receive the biggest upgrade in decades. The management of the biggest University in Czechia has announced its plans to construct two new buildings – the Biocentre and the Globocentre. According to Professor Petr Horák, the former will aid students and faculty in investigating modern diseases, such as obesity. The latter will be purpose-built for the study of geology and migration. This construction will apparently cost around 7.8 million crowns and should be available for the 2026/2027 winter semester. There are hopes that this move could boost the University’s global ranking.

The threat of Covid-19 mutations

The biggest threat to the end of emergency restrictions in Czechia seems to be the ‘delta mutation’ of Covid-19. While this mutation is often claimed to have originated in India, it now plagues the United Kingdom. Due to its proximity and both-way summer travel, the presence of the mutation in the UK has resulted in its spread to Czechia. Thus, Adam Vojtěch, the Czech Minister of Healthcare, has announced plans to instate further restrictions for arrivals from the UK.

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