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Hřib encourages citizens to download the eRouška

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Due to the concerning epidemiological situation, the Mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, urged the citizens to continue downloading the eRouška mobile tracking application, reports. The Mayor also reported preparing a big marketing campaign aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19.

“We are facing the threat of flooding hospital beds. But if we are disciplined, it can be managed,” said Hřib at a press conference, reports.

In addition to downloading the application, Hřib urged the citizens to follow the three main rules:

1) Keep the social distance of two meters
2) Wear masks
3) Wash and sanitize hands often

According to Vladimír Dzurilla, Chief Digital Officer of the Government of the Czech Republic, more than 240,000 people have downloaded the newest version of the application, reports. He stated that the application protects the users’ data and poses no risk to personal security. He also added that the application is anonymous, meaning that no phone number is required upon activation.

The eRouška works by alerting the citizens once they come into contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19 according to the application’s data. You only need to have the Bluetooth feature on for it to work – no mobile internet or WIFI is required. After the recent update, The eRouška is also compatible with the Apple devices. It is emphasized that the data is completely anonymous and is only sent between the phones in case of the worrying contact without alerting the hygienists.

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