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Where to BBQ in Prague this Summer?

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Table of Contents

Where in Prague can I set up a grill or make a fire to cook barbecue, have a good rest and not pay a fine to the police?


Residents of Prague like to cook on the grill and open fire. Most often, meat, fish or vegetables are grilled in their own gardens or in the yard near the house, but you can go to the park or to the nearest forest. Those who live in apartments and do not want to breed field kitchen on the balcony, it is more difficult to find a suitable place for the grill. Moreover, not every park in Prague can come with its own grill and start cooking food, let alone build a fire. 


Currently (as of March 2023), there are 9 picnic areas in Prague’s forests and forest parks where you can light a fire. In addition, there are 10 places where you can picnic with a barbecue or grill.


Where you can grill or barbecue

Grill lovers can come to Stromovka, Vitkov and Hvězda parks. There are also places for picnics and meat preparation at Petřín, Divoká Šárka Park, Kunratice Forest, Děblice Forest, Gostivářský Forest, Huhel Forest, Hloubětín, Motol and Prokopská Valley. In addition, the administration of Prague 14 has created a campfire and picnic area on the banks of the Kiiský pond.


 Picnic area in Dyablice Forest

All of these places usually have a bench, a trashcan and a table. Next to the place for the fire, you can often find a specially prepared bundle of wood. There are awnings at the picnic grounds in the Kunratice Forest, Divoka Park and Dyablice Forest. You don’t need to bring your own grill to Stromovka: the local restaurant rents it for a fee.


Picnic sites with a fire


– Dyablický les (pit) / Ďáblický háj – V Lomu (MČ Praha-Ďáblice), GPS: 50°8’12.361″N, 14°27’45.457″E


– Divoká Šárka (in the plain) / Divoká Šárka – Na rovinách (MČ Praha 6), GPS: 50°6’1.700″N, 14°17’58.004″E


– Motol, Motol Health Zone / Řepy Motol (v areálu zdraví), GPS: 50°4’1.496″N, 14°19’26.937″E


– Hloubětín, Ú Three Bridges and near the pond / Louka u Hořejšího rybníka – Hloubětín (MČ Praha 9), GPS: 50°5’57.277″N, 14°31’23.691″E


– Prokopská dolina – Klukovice, near the playground / Klukovice u dětského hřiště (Prokopské údolí – MČ Praha 5), GPS: 50°2’21.261″N, 14°21’37.152″E


– Chuchelský les (quarry) / Chuchelský háj – V Lomu (MČ Praha-Velká Chuchle), GPS: 50°0’52.866″N, 14°22’40.307″E


– Kunratický les – vyhlídka (MČ Praha-Kunratice), GPS: 50°1’37.902″N, 14°27’57.176″E


– Hostivař – parkoviště u přehrady (MČ Praha 15), GPS: 50°2’26.011″N, 14°31’40.014″E


– Letnˇany Forest Park – barbecue site on one of the glades


 Picnic area in the Kunratice Forest, photo


Picnic sites with a barbecue


– Hvězda Park – two picnic grounds

– Stromovka – by the road to Cisářský Island there are two picnic grounds, by the Maláčka River, along Podmokelská road

– Park on Vítkov Hill – “Žižkovská” (next to the new staircase), “Karlinská” and “Near the sports ground

– Complex of gardens on Petřín Hill – in the Rose Garden next to the Hungry Wall

There are also several public electric grills in Prague. They are chargeable and require a reservation in advance, which can easily be made online. There are three such places in the Czech capital: on Vystaviste, on Pankrác and Chodov. Do not forget that the grill must be cleaned after use.


Rules for those who grill in parks in Prague

Grilling in parks must follow the rules. For example, after 10 p.m. you cannot disturb the peace, which means that you should be done with grilling meat and vegetables by this time. Cooking is allowed from 8:00. You can not drink certain types of alcoholic beverages. 

It is necessary to put out the fire and clean up all garbage: everything is strict about it. You can’t book in advance, so it often happens that the site is occupied. Also remember that there are no toilets and drinking water near the picnic areas.

The penalty for making a fire in an unauthorized area in a forest park or a park can be as much as 15-25 thousand kronor.

How to find a place 

It is not difficult to orient yourself in the park and find a place for grilling: look for a bench, a table, urns and a place for the fire. This is the standard set for a barbecue picnic. Plus, each of the designated picnic areas is marked with a sign that says “Picnic Area,” which also lists the rules for picnic areas. Use the maps in our article to make it easier for you to find a particular spot.


Often there is a bundle of firewood next to the campfire site, which is prepared by the Park or Forestry of Prague staff. If you do not have one, do not be afraid to pick up dry branches directly in the woods. In summer, be sure to keep an eye on the current situation and the possible validity of the ordinance banning open fires.


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