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Civic Democrats agree on Němcová as their candidate for prime minister

20 June 2013

Prague, June 19 (CTK) - Czech Chamber of Deputies chairwoman Miroslava Nemcova is candidate of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) for prime minister after the resignation of Prime Minister Petr Necas, ODS acting leader Martin Kuba told journalists after a meeting of the party board yesterday.

Necas resigned due to the scandal involving his closest aide Jana Nagyova on Monday.

Kuba, Transport Minister Zbynek Stanjura, Justice Minister Pavel Blazek and ODS deputy chairman Jiri Pospisil were also cited as the party's candidates for the post of prime minister.

Nemcova's name was also mentioned, but some doubted that she would have sufficient support.

yesterday's vote of the party board refuted the objection.

Kuba said he had spent the three days after Necas's resignation with the search for the best candidate and Nemcova was eventually chosen.

The ODS has already informed TOP 09 leader Karel Schwarzenberg and LIDEM leader Karolina Peake about her nomination.

The ODS, TOP 09 and LIDEM form the outgoing government that would like to continue until the 2014 general election.

TOP 09 and LIDEM have said Nemcova is acceptable for the post.

However, it will be difficult to find a new chairperson of the Chamber of Deputies, Schwarzenberg and Peake agreed.

"I highly esteem Mrs Nemcova, she is a real lady. But with the election, we will make a hole elsewhere," Schwarzenberg said.

He said ODS lacked real personalities, as it had to take someone from a different vital post when looking for the candidate for prime minister.

The coalition has to muster at least 101 votes in the Chamber of Deputies to elect its new chairperson and to get confidence in the government.

Nemcova said the decision to accept the candidature was not easy.

She recapitulated her political life in the past over 15 years.

"Simply a moment comes in one's life when you have to summarise the support that was given to you and you find out that you have to give something in return," Nemcova said.

Along with Kuba, Nemcova will attend the Friday meeting with President Milos Zeman at which they will try to convince him that not early elections, demanded by the opposition, but the renewal of the current government is the best solution to the current crisis.

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