Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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The Ministry of Interior has opened a shop in the Prague city centre – actually, more of a showcase of stolen goods and assets seized in criminal proceedings, up for auction. The aim is to raise funds more quickly to compensate victims of crimes. While the CenZA showroom on Na Perštýně Street is the first in Prague, the police have already opened one in Ostrava and expect to expand the pilot project.

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Prime Minister Andrej Babiš told students of Paris' prestigious Science Po. institution on Monday, that the EU was in urgent need of restructuring, and his focus was on reforming the Schengen region and the European common market.

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Despite the Czech school system maintaining a relatively strong position in international testing, the ratio of what the country's teachers earn in comparison to other university graduates is among the lowest in the OECD.

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The battle for the Chairman's position in the Senate continues to play out, as none of the three candidates have been able to secure a consensus so far, with time running out before Wednesday's first Senate meeting.

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Controversial lobbyist, Miroslav Pelta the former chief of the Czech Football Association, who is being investigated by the police for his role in corruption at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, was formally charged with bribing Simona Kratochvilova, a former Deputy Minister.

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Over the weekend, a number of posters and pamphlets appearing to belong to the Greens appeared on cars and streets corners all over Zizkov. The Greens were quick to react, questioning their authenticity and initiating a clean up of the streets.

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Two weeks after the four-party coalition agreement was presented to the public, representatives of the four parties have signed the document, paving the way for Markéta Vaňková (ODS) to become mayor when the new council meets for the first time.

Business | Brno Daily

According to data from the Labour Office, the October unemployment rate in the South Moravia region was 3.5%. The lowest unemployment rate (2%) was reported in Vyškov, while the highest rate (4.8%) was reported in the city of wine, Znojmo. In Brno-město, 4.2% of people did not have work in October.

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Steven Covey: "Many people listen with the intent to respond, not to understand."

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Space enthusiasts from the Czech Republic and beyond are in for a treat. Prague and Brno is hosting Czech Space Week, a nine-day-long series of events that will bring together scientists, businessmen and government officials who are active in the area.

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Czech Television reports that the landmark, iron railway bridge that runs across the Vltava, from Výtoň to Smíchov in Prague will not lose its cultural heritage status, and cannot be razed.

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Commentator, dissident, Charter 77 signatory and well-known journalist Jan Petranek passed away on Saturday evening in Prague.

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Unemployment in the Czech Republic fell to another record low in the month of October, according to the Czech Labour Office. At 2.8%, the figure is the lowest since 1997. There are currently 215,622 people in the country without work, and a corresponding 316,900 jobs that are unfilled.

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Czech Television reports that the month of October 2018 was one of the warmest months on record since meteorological data collection began 57 years ago. The average temperature for the month was 10 degrees Celsius, which was much above multi-year average.

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State owned energy giant ČEZ's net profit fell 45% on a year-on-year basis to CZK 9.1 billion, for the first three quarters of 2018, according to Hospodářské noviny. Revenues in the same period amounted to CZK 129.3 billion, and amounted to a 4% increase, based on ČEZ's new accounting methodology, but were down in real terms.