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Czech News in English » Business » Press Release » Czech Version of Reclaim Pride

Czech Version of Reclaim Pride

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Table of Contents

We are a group of young queer activists. We are creating an inclusive, feminist, green, and above all else, a queer platform. Join us on Saturday 7th of August for Reclaim Pride – March for Equality!

Reclaim Pride was first founded in NYC, as a movement of LGBTQI+ groups and activists. Following the intention to reclaim the Pride Marches as protests, and not parties for cis gay and lesbians, they created the first Reclaim Pride, an inclusive march for all queers. They managed to make it an anticapitalist safe-space for everyone, reminding themselves of the 50th Stonewall Riots anniversary, which gave birth to the first ever Pride Parade.

We have many reasons – their audacity of still using the non-inclusive “LGBT” instead of at least “LGBTQ+” or our disapproval of pride being commercial – are just some but important enough to start the Czech Version of Reclaim Pride, for everyone.

But mainly, we are motivated by the recent events, which prove that there is a need for a protest March for Equality. Hate speech online and offline, even from MPs and the Czech President, the hateful attack on Jakub Stary from LUI Magazine, horryfing attack on Tbilisi Pride, brutal murder of Samuel Luise in Spain, these events and many other that go unnoticed show that we cannot stay silent. Let’s unite together and fight against hate speech and discriminatory laws. Let’s gather and work on social and legal change. LGBTQI+ community deserves it. 

We will meet at 1PM in front of Prague Castle. After an hour of protest and speeches by the performers, we will march to Jan Palach Square, where the event will end around 3PM.

So far, František Kopřiva, Džamila Stehlíková, Remy Bonny from Forbidden Colors, Johana Bázlerová from @Jsemvobraze, Lucia Zachariášová from JsmeFér and others have confirmed their participation as speakers. 

Please find more details on our FB page or our IG

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